Top 14 Features to Look before Purchase a Business Email Service form an Email Service Provider Company

Nowadays email is very important for us to communicate with our clients, employees, vendors, colleague, friends and all. So you need to make sure that you choose the best email service provider for your needs.

Because you business email is so important for your business. You should look for some important features before you purchase a Business Email Service from a Business Email Service Provider.

Here are some Top Features to Look for when you select a Business Email Service Providing Company for your Business Email Service.

1. Strong Spam Filter for Emails.
2. Integrated Calendar with Business Email Account.
3. Strong Security Options (Like Two Step Verification, CAPTCHA).
4. Server Reliability (Like Server Up Time and Server Response Time).
5. Affordable and Comparatively Low Price.
6. User Friendly Interface.
7. Storage Limit of your Business Email Accounts.
8. Number of Emails Sent Limit per Day.
9. Archive Capabilities (Like Save, Store, Draft, Backup, Folder Option)
10. SMTP ‘Simple Mail Transfer Protocol’, POP3 ‘Post Office Protocol’ and IMAP “Internet Message Access Protocol” Support.
11. Email Service Provider Company should one of the Reputed and Reliable Company.
12. File Attachment Size of an Email is indeed an Essential part of an Email thus Attachment Size Limit must be more.
13. 24×7 Call Center or Email Support.
14. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.